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Bachelor party, bachelorette party and wedding gifts


Team Building
  • Organize a memorable bachelor party or bachelorette party!

    The bachelor party or bachelorette party is one of the funniest and most memorable moments before the long-awaited wedding day. This one must be unforgettable for him or her!

    Burying a celibacy is always a special moment when you are looking for an original activity, an unusual experience that will make this moment memorable and incomparable. Dans le Noir? allows you to imagine a multitude of scenarios that will generate unforgettable emotions with guaranteed mad laughter.

    Organize an original dinner, a friendly sensory workshop and soon one of our Escape Games in the dark, free the speech, kill the shyness and create the conditions for a unique memory before the big leap into couple life!

  • Wedding gift idea:

    You missed the bachelor/bachelorette party and want to make up for it? Are you attending the wedding and want to mark the occasion with an original gift? Surprise the bride and groom by offering them a gift voucher Dans le Noir? to allow them to discover this unique sensory and human experience at their convenience after the honeymoon!

    A dinner for two, a sensory workshop, a perfume box or a good bottle of wine or a delicatessen product carefully selected in the dark by our sensory experts! All they have to do is book. We also have some very nice gift boxes containing a book of short stories "In the dark? and other stories" and as a gift a small portable lamp to read in the dark! Find all our products in a few clicks on our online shop.

Team Building

Any ideas? A project? A bachelor/bachelorette party to plan?